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The 73 best weekend breaks in the UK and Ireland

Of Friends and Lovers a. Socializing b. Marriage and Moving In 5. Working and Not a. Quitting b. Job Events 6. Running an Efficient Household 7.

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Expanding the House 8. Babies and Children 9. Everything Else in the Neighborhood Customizing Your Game Known Bugs Getting the Most from "The Sims" So, what is a People Simulator? Well, you get to run the lives of everyone in a neighborhood not all at once, of course. Taking on one "family" at a time, you try to guide them to success in life, love, and the workplace.

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  • Left to their own devices, the Sims tend to simply tread water i. I like to think of the player as the Sims' ambition, their goals in life, if you will. You are that little voice in their head that tells them to study Mechanics, or to take a shower, in order to get that promotion.

    Without you, their ambition, the Sims will tend to lounge around, fulfilling only their most immediate desire, without any eye on the future. Sim noun : A simulated person in a Maxis game. Ex: The Sim went to SimCity to buy a bagel. These aren't any great Patches, but are some neat new objects and skins. Maxis promises that every Thursday that they will have some cool new thing on the site, and therefore every Thursday is called SimDay.

    I just felt that I needed to express my opinions on the game in a more editorialized fashion than the normal FAQ sections allow. I have been looking forward to The Sims since I heard about it back in November. I couldn't quite put my finger on why this game sounded good to me, but I was certainly intrigued. Controlling people's lives? Sounded strangely like fun. After having played it non-stop since I bought the game, I can sum up my experience in one sentence: One of the most strangely addicting and compelling games I have ever played.

    I haven't played a game this much since Rollercoaster Tycoon, and that was back in April ' That's almost a year. I have stayed up many a night until 1 or 2 am, and only going to sleep then so that I could get up the next day and play some MORE Sims!

    His Little Princess by Sheri Rose Shepherd | Books

    In The Sims you take control of a family of Sims and try to guide them through life. Along the way you develop friendships, work your way up the career ladder at work, and try to keep your Sims fed and happy. You can sit back and watch the Sims interact with each other, or you can take a more active hand and FORCE them to do your bidding.

    You can even shut off their Free Will. Personal interactions between the Sims is often the most amusing part of the game. Watch as someone will shoo another Sim out of the bathroom so he can take a leak. Or as a Sim attempts to give another Sim a back rub, but is pushed away. Then there are always the Sims who like each other I also really enjoy the differences between the Sims. One may be very neat, and like to clean up messes, and another may be extremely mean, and prone to get into fights.

    Very interesting variety. All in all I really enjoyed this game, and give it a 9. Getting Acquainted Welcome to the crazy world of The Sims. I'm assuming that you have gone through the first Tutorial, and if not, then you probably should. It teaches you all of the basics of the Sims and their needs. Once you have finished with that little tutorial, save it and go back to the Neighborhood. Note: There is a neat little trick that one can do with the Tutorial, check out section Note: There is only one neighborhood! Therefore there is also only one Save Slot.

    Of course, there are lots of houses in the neighborhood, so do you really need more than one save slot? The first thing you should know, is that you control the entire neighborhood. Not at the same time, but one house at a time. It's like they are in stasis. They can be called over to your current house assuming you've met them , but they won't actually do anything.

    They'll be exactly as you left them when you go back to them. So, if you play one house, then switch to another, then switch back to the first, it will be as if nothing has happened. If house 1 was eating breakfast, they'll still be doing that when you get back.

    Note: There is ONE exception to the "nothing happens while you're away" rule. And that is Relationships. If you have the Sims in your current house flirt with the Sims from the other house and their relationship improves, then that will carry over. Another thing to know at the Neighborhood level is that the people you put in the neighborhood are the only ones you can be friends with. That is, there are no "random Sims" wandering about. Since your Sims require the friendships of lots of other Sims some careers require that you have lots of friends that means that you will have to work on the Neighborhood as a whole, rather than single-mindedly working one house.

    You CAN turn free will off if you'd like to take full control of the Sims. With only one or two Sims under your command this is an easy thing to do. However, once you get up to 5 to 8 Sims, then it can get very difficult to control all of their separate actions at once. Free Will is useful to some extent--the Sims will do things that are quite beneficial to themselves, such as cleaning up the house, or talking to the neighbor.

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    Although you should know that the Sims aren't very efficient in what they choose to do. Suppose that you need to improve both Hygiene and Comfort. The best choice if you have the Time is a bath. Well maybe the Sim wants a shower. Or what if the Sim takes the bath just as the carpool pulls up. Therefore you can't totally give over to free will. But neither should you destroy it and control their every move. Sims WILL ignore your commands if what you're telling them to do seems contrary to what they need most.

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    A starving man won't go play basketball or at least, is far less likely to! Well on we go! Click on the Create a Family button to get things going. You could, of course, play the Goths, or the Newbies, but you will need to create a new family to start filling in the Neighborhood The following subsections deals with the Sims themselves, and why they do the things that they do.

    This is a fairly arbitrary choice of gender, basically because I myself am male. This is not because all Sims are male, I just refer to them that way.