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The obvious objection that this sort of person might never decide anything at all. Chidi is not a soup, as Kristin Bell discovers, but rather the character portrayed by William Jackson Harper. He ends up in hell because he spends his life infinitely deliberating and paralyzed with indecision. Kierkegaard pointed out that such a person would never attempt to make a leap across the abyss unless they had scientifically analyzed their thrust and projection to be sure that they would land safely on the other side. Even if they do decide, it ends up being not much of a leap after all.

Outer Versus Inner Goals

Knowing the science behind love that suggests passion atrophies, they could not make a commitment based on love. Instead of leaping into a commitment like marriage, perhaps we could accept that we choose in the context of incomplete information, but we do so with the best knowledge available at the time.

We remain open to be proven wrong, or open to discovering that the consequences of our decisions were not what we had hoped for. We are not so committed to a position that we cannot change our minds in the light of new knowledge or criticism. Such a person never stops thinking, but it is not a matter of infinite regress as Kierkegaard feared because knowledge develops through criticism and does not appeal to an authority such as religion for justification.

Nevertheless, this implies that there are differing degrees of commitment: a rational person is only ever a little bit committed. And perhaps being slightly committed is like being slightly married. Commitment — if one takes it seriously — locks us into a particular course of action and so limits our options on the future.

A meaningful commitment is rather one that we have every intention of fulfilling. Albert Camus proposed that we need not take a Kierkegaardian-style irrational leap into faith, nor do we need to be so rational either. Sisyphus embraces his torture to endlessly push the rock up the hill only to watch it roll back down again. Sed lobortis urna turpis, id ultricies dolor pharetra ac.

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