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In particular, the philosopher Leibniz famously maintains that, since the world was created by God, and since the mind of God is the most benevolent and capable mind imaginable, the world must be the best world imaginable. Under such a system, humans perceive evil only because they do not understand the force governing the world and thus do not know that every ill exists only for a greater good.

In this quotation, Voltaire attacks not only philosophical optimism but also the foibles and errors of Enlightenment philosophy. Enlightenment philosophers such as Leibniz focused a great deal of attention on the interplay of cause and effect. Spectacles fit noses not because God created noses to fit spectacles, as Pangloss claims, but the other way around.

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The obviousness of this point is meant to echo the obviousness of the flaws Voltaire observes in the Enlightenment philosophical process. Candide by: Voltaire.

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